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  • Maintenance & Service Requests
Emergency Maintenance Phone Number:  

Emergency Maintenance is a service request that needs to be addressed immediately.  If there is a FIRE, FLOOD, OR NATURAL DISASTER, please call 911 FIRST and then call your maintenance emergency number.  Evacuation plans and safe places to go are listed in your resident handbook.    

Any water leak, toilet not operational after being plunged, no heat when temps are lower than 55 or no A/C with temps higher than 85, electrical outage in your apartment that is not fixed by resetting the breaker, or not being able to secure your entry (entry door doesn't lock) are considered emergencies and should be called in to the emergency line n0 matter what time of day or night.

We understand that our hours of operation are not always convenient to your schedule.  In an effort to make things easier for you, please feel free to submit your service request online!  Please Note:  This is not an acceptable way to report Maintenance Emergencies.  Please call the emergency line to report emergency issues in your home.
Type of Problem:
Please submit a separate service request for each issue to avoid confusion.
This is a picture of a toilet valve.  If your toilet beings to run over you should turn off the water supply by turning the knob 1/4 turn to the right.
If your power goes out while using kitchen gadgets or your hair dryer in the bathroom, the most likely reason is that the GFCI has tripped.  To reset your CFCI, press in the red reset button.
When using the garbage disposal and the motor stops, the first thing to do is to press the reset button located on the bottom of the base of the garbage disposal.  It could take up to 10 minutes for a proper reset.  If the reset button does not work, please call in a service request.
The pictures in this section depict common service requests that are quickly able to be handled to avoid having to make a service call or to avoid causing damage to the apartment when something does happen.  Mouse over each picture for helpful hints.
Plunging the toilet when it is clogged is easy to do.  A resident should always have a plunger handy!
Keeping your furnace filter changed (even between regular service) will not only save the functionality of your air unit, but it will also help you save $money$ on your electricity bill!
This is one example of what a water shut off valve might look like in your apartment.  This water shut off valve would be located around your water heater and can prevent flooding in your unit in major leak situations!
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